Neil is a trainer and consultant specialising in
IBM InfoSphere Information Server 
and the legacy Ascential Software products: 
DataStage, QualityStage, ProfileStage, AuditStage and MetaStage

He has focused exclusively on that environment since 1997 
and has been actively involved with DataStage since version 1.0

Neil is regularly utilised by IBM to provide education and consulting services (both internally and with customers) in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.
He is widely regarded as an Information Server expert.

He was employed by VMark Software (the original developers of DataStage) and remained with that business through all of its mergers, acquisitions and take-overs until shortly after IBM bought Ascential Software. 
During that period he was a regular presenter at conferences and marketing events both locally and internationally.

Neil has over 35 years experience in the IT industry; has fulfilled roles ranging from software development through system management, as well as working extensively in sales, support and education. He is an experienced team leader and is comfortable interacting with all levels of business.




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